Medical Imaging Solutions

Medical Imaging Solutions

FRMI works ‘behind the scenes’ with hospital imaging and radiology departments with the ultimate goal of complete customer satisfaction in mind. Patients benefit from having these services accessible within their community rather than traveling to another community for the same level of care.

Benefits of mobile imaging to the hospital

  • High level of service by FRMI
  • Capital not needed for equipment
  • Transparent integration with hospital's radiology/imaging department
  • Community imaging demands met
  • Patient retention in the community
  • Hospital directly bills their patients' health plans
  • Flexible as technology changes
  • Increase reputation for diagnostic imaging


FRMI has the ability to collaborate at many levels directly with the physician, hospital system, or cancer center to develop beneficial relationships to improve access to diagnostics care.

Oncologists interested in developing new resources in under-served markets should contact us directly about our PET/CT services.

Hospitals interested in using a mobile PET/CT scanner are often exploring the purchase of a scanner. FRMI offers training of hospital radiology staff, management guidance in operating a PET/CT service, and the opportunity to establish a partnership on a fixed site PET/CT.

Family medicine and other primary care practitioners interested in bringing PET/CT services to a local hospital should contact us to learn more about our services.

Quality Assurance

FRMI abides by the same standards for patient care, safety, and quality control as the standards set by hospitals and government regulatory agencies. FRMI management works closely with client hospitals to clearly define responsibilities and protocols to ensure quality care is delivered continuously at all levels.

With a seamless approach to doing business, FRMI has received excellent feedback about the value provided to the hospital.

  • Patient Satisfaction
  • Radiology Expertise
  • Management of the Service
  • Marketing and Referral Enhancement
  • Site Operations

Service Options

Service Options


Equipment Leasing

  • Available for: PET/CT | MRI | CT
  • Long-term equipment lease
  • Typically longer than one year
  • Service options are available
  • Clinical Applications are available

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Equipment Rental

  • Available for: PET/CT | MRI | CT
  • Short-term equipment rental
  • Typically shorter than one year
  • Service options are available
  • Clinical Applications are available

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Mobile Service

  • Available for: PET/CT | MRI
  • Typically one day per week
  • Customer schedules the patients
  • FRMI performs the scans
  • Typically priced per scan

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Fixed-site Equipment

  • Available for: All Modalities
  • We broker your equipment purchase

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